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Meet our new Regional Four Director !

Posted 11 months ago by Mary Griffin

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Happy Fall everyone! I hope that everyone has been enjoying the beautiful fall that we have been having so far. My name is Bronwyn Ship, I live in Canandaigua, New York in the heart of the Finger Lakes region of Upstate New York. I have been a nurse for 15 years and work in a small community hospital in my hometown. In the fall, I will celebrate 10 years as a PACU/SCC nurse. At the National Conference in Anaheim, I was elected as your ASPAN Region 4 Director. It is my honor to serve on the National Board of Directors representing the Northeast Region for ASPAN. 

I will be your voice on the issues that concern us all as perianesthesia nurses. As your regional director, I welcome your questions and concerns. I will work to help to find solutions to the problems that concern you, your practice, and your component. 

As members of MeSPAN and ASPAN, there are many benefits and opportunities available to you. I would like to focus on some of the opportunities that are offered on the ASPAN website. Did you know that as member of ASPAN, you are eligible to 3 free articles per calendar year? To access these articles, sign on to the ASPAN website and click on the Education tab, then click on JOPAN Continuing Education article and choose three from the list on that page. Also, another benefit is that your JOPAN journal is available through an app that can be downloaded to you electronic reader. To find the app, search for JoPAN in the app store and download the app. Sign in is required. The instructions to assess articles are easy to follow. Past issues of JoPAN are also available. This could be a helpful tool when looking for information on a practice issue.

Our organization is here to serve its members, and as members there are many opportunities to help serve your fellow perianesthesia nurses. Consider volunteering to help organize educational opportunities, or becoming a member of the state board. ASPAN has strategic work groups and specialty practice groups working on issues that are common with each and every one of us. Let your voice be heard and contribute your time and expertise to help discover best practices to provide the most current evidence based care to our patients.

Please contact me with any questions and concerns and  I will do my best to help find answers and solutions. My email address is:

Thank you again for the opportunity to represent New York and the Northeast.

Respectfully submitted,

Bronwyn Ship BSN, RN, CPAN

ASAPN Regional Director, Region 4 (2018-2020)