Maine Society of PeriAnesthesia Nurses

Letter of Appreciation to MESPAN from Heather Dunn, Student Nurse

Posted 8 months ago by Mary Griffin

As a current nursing student, and as a nurse’s aide for the past eight years, I’ve had many wonderful learning opportunities.  For as long as I’ve been working in health care, I’ve worked in Surgical Services at Maine General Medical Center.  This past summer (2018), before I entered my final year of nursing school, I was given an opportunity to do an internship in the PACU.  I would work in my current position, as a nurse’s aide, but one day a week I would orient as a student nurse and work with an RN who would mentor me. I would learn assessment skills, charting, patient care, etc. as a (student) nurse, under the direct supervision of an RN.  It was an opportunity that I embraced and felt incredibly fortunate to have be offered.  

  My internship consisted of 130 hours in the PACU and was an experience I can’t be more thankful for.  Due to the fact that I’m a senior nursing student and had already completed an internship, I was offered an opportunity to attend the MESPAN conference this past fall, in Bangor.   I had no idea what the conference entailed, but was looking forward to attending.  The experience was something I wish every student could attend.  The speakers were fantastic. It was heartwarming to be around so many knowledgeable and smart people who truly love caring for people. It made me want to strive for so much in my nursing career.  I sat in that room and felt so much pride for becoming a nurse.  I am so proud to be doing what I love and loving what I do.  

In closing, I’ll be graduating this May and have accepted a position at Maine General Medical Center in the Surgical Services Department.  

 Heather Dunn