Maine Society of PeriAnesthesia Nurses

Giving Back to our Community- A Thank You to MESPAN & Fall Conference attendees

Posted 8 months ago by Mary Griffin


                Thank You! Your generous donations have helped provide necessities for homeless youth at critical times in their lives. You’ve funded blankets and food for youth on the street; you’ve funded birthday cakes for youth celebrating milestones while they stay in shelter and helping youth who move out with obtaining apartment home goods. Shaw House, although funded through grants from both FYSB and United Way, still relies largely on donations for any materials not deemed essential. Some of these materials involve hygiene products, or comfort items, or even needed medications when a youth isn’t able to obtain them. Through your act of giving, you’ve helped some of those who need it most: youth in times of crisis without needed support. By utilizing the programs at Shaw House, youth are able to not only get basic needs met, but connect with a network of systems to get the help they need to achieve their goals and prosper. The work may be difficult, but it’s made much easier through the generosity of people and organizations like you. Thank you.

 Daniel Wendell

Outreach Coordinator

Shaw House Streetlight Outreach Program

Based at 136 Union Street, Bangor ME